Welcome to the Jupiter Club                                                            

A homepage for the danish build Jupiter boats.

This page contains documents and guidelines in english





The Jupiter club was founded at march 3rd 2003. 

Main objectives are:

bulletto registre as many Jupiter boats as possible
bullettell the story about the boats
bulletto be phorum for owners of Jupiter boats

On this page you will find most of our homepage translated into english. 


The produktion of Jupiter Boats began in 1960 when Toft-Olesen and Klaus Baess got together. The shipyard resided at Bogoe, Denmark and the first boat left the shipyard in 1961.

In the end of 1978 the shipyard closed down and Faaborg shipyard took over the production of the Jupiter boats.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us by mail


The beginning (PDF) 188 KB
The Jupiter shipyard 1961 - 1965 (PDF) 298 KB
The Jupiter shipyard 1966 - 1971 (PDF) 181 KB
The Jupiter shipyard 1972 - 1978 (PDF) 201 KB
Jupiter history after 1978 (PDF)
The Boats
Jupiter 25 (PDF) 89 KB
Jupiter 30 (PDF)
Jupiter 31 (PDF)
Jupiter 33 (PDF)
Jupiter 40 (PDF)
Others documents
Jupiter 30 at London Boatshow 1962 (PDF) 693 KB
How to join the Jupiter registry 79 KB
How to use the Guestbook 263 KB
How to use the Phorum 261 KB
How to join the club